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Are snowbirds flocking to warmer climates this year?

Whether you are interested in 2021 trends, need to understand how to prepare your winter home, or want to explore the best places to travel to, has all the information to get you where you want to go.
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The Best Places to Snowbird in 2021

Take a look at the best places to snowbird this year.
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Are Snowbirds Still Planning to Travel in 2021

Are Snowbirds Still Planning to Travel in 2021?

Snowbirds are considering how COVID-19 might impact their plans to migrate south for the winter.
Snowbird Campaign - ultimate guide to snowbirds

The Ultimate Guide to Snowbirds

Want to fly south for the winter to avoid the cold weather? Snowbirding may be the lifestyle for you.
Snowbird Campaign - what to do with your snowbird property if you dont travel

What To Do With Your Snowbird Property If You Don’t Travel

Learn who to prepare your property when you don’t travel.
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A Snowbird Checklist: Winterizing Your Home

Before heading south for the season, snowbirds must take a few steps to secure and winterize their homes.
Snowbird Campaign - how to be a snowbird on a budget

How to Be a Snowbird on a Budget

Cost-conscious active adults can still enjoy all the benefits of a snowbird lifestyle.
Snowbird Campaign - snowbird tips to worry free lock and leave

Snowbird Tips: Worry-Free Lock & Leave

Keep your home safe by following these tips.

Are Snowbirds Still Planning to Travel in 2021? 

There's no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way people live and travel, but we wanted to see if it would affect plans for snowbirds this year, too. To better understand migration patterns to warmer climates this winter season, we surveyed 1,274 snowbirds based in the U.S. to learn if they are still planning to make their voyage, where intended destinations are, and reasons for why plans may have changed or are still up in the air. View the results in the infographic below.
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